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Buying New Construction Homes from Builders in Perth, WA? Financial Facts

Intrinsically, buying a home already has some risks attached, as part of the “taking the plunge” aspects of home ownership. This is doubled though when you’re buying a lot in a new community, since you will have little idea of what the living conditions will end up looking like, such as neighbours who will set up their home next to you, or building that will rise around you. Make sure to save up enough to adapt to these future changes.

Buying a new house and land in Perth carries with it the benefit of customization options and overall affordability. However, it always pays to know, at the very least, what further expenses you might be getting yourself into, so you can build your budget to meet these needs.


Buying vs Renting a Home

There are common misconceptions surrounding buying a home vs renting it. In reality, both have their share of advantages and disadvantages. It all boils down to your situation and financial capacity. Let’s explore what each has to offer.

Putting the Dream on Hold

Many believe that while they rent where they live, they can save up to eventually buy a place of their own. Renting a house in Australia for two to three years is definitely cheaper than owning it for the same period, mainly because of the fluctuating interest and add-on rates. Renting temporarily for a period of time may help raise money for home ownership later on. Continue reading →

Reasons to Choose New Homes for Sale in Perth instead of a Resell

Most modern homes are designed to be as safe and secure as a house can be, with everything from heavy-duty doors and locks to self-locking windows. Homes equipped with high quality and durable heating and cooling also will stand out better than homes with furnaces from a bygone age.

In a nutshell, new home construction is smarter value-wise than buying used because it offers many of the perks of the modern house without the perils of antiquated fixtures and appliances in old homes. Of course, the success of your newly constructed home will depend as much on the skill of your Perth home builder, so make sure to look up only established names in the industry, such as BuzzHomes.

Important Tips to Try Before Buying House and Land Packages in Perth

Would you choose the perfect house over the perfect neighbourhood in all of Western Australia, or is it the other way around? What if you didn’t have to pick one over the other? Indeed, getting house and land packages from Perth home builders like BuzzHomes allow you to pick a location first, and then build your perfect house next. Before you sign in on this venture, though, there are a few things you should know about it.

Choosing Locations

Don’t even look into specific blocks of land just yet—what’s important is that you choose a neighbourhood that you think will suit your lifestyle just right. Consider factors like amenities, schools, emergency services, and the like. Be sure to have a list of two or more potential locations so that you have a wide scope of options when you visit your builder later on.

First-home Buyers in Perth Treated to Easier-to-browse New Website

Balcatta, Western Australia (8 July 2014) – Since it first set out in the market as a company dedicated to helping first-home buyers in Perth create the house of their dreams, BuzzHomes has constantly strived to make the process easier for these individuals. In line with that goal, the company has recently launched a new, redesigned website.

BuzzHomes’ new website is part of an initiative to make it easier for first-time home owners to discover the home of their dreams. The redesigned website takes on a mobile-responsive approach, which allows the tech-savvy young home buyers to browse through the website on their mobile gadgets without experiencing reduced functionality when switching between devices.

Benefits of Contemporary-style Homes

When home buyers plan to build their new home from the ground up, and they outline design plans with the home builder, often the big question on their minds is, “Which architectural style should I go for?” Professionals in home development advise home buyers to go for the contemporary style rather than the traditional, if the latter want to be in tune with the latest in functionality and aesthetics. These are the reasons: Continue reading →

Tips for First-Time Homebuyers in Perth

Purchasing a home is a large financial commitment. As such, you definitely want to find one that is as close to perfect as possible. Here are a few tips for finding the property of your dreams:

Look for Similarities

List down the pros and cons about living in your current place of residence. Afterward, look for a home with a floor plan that matches up well against your list. By placing a premium on similar desirable traits, the transition to your new home will become easier, and you’ll fall in love with it faster as well. Continue reading →