Benefits of Contemporary-style Homes

When home buyers plan to build their new home from the ground up, and they outline design plans with the home builder, often the big question on their minds is, “Which architectural style should I go for?” Professionals in home development advise home buyers to go for the contemporary style rather than the traditional, if the latter want to be in tune with the latest in functionality and aesthetics. These are the reasons:

Efficient use of space

Contemporary-style homes ensure that space is used efficiently, where every area is designed to serve a particular purpose. A contemporary architecture doesn’t only consider indoor space but outdoor space as well, making landscapes and gardens important components of the design plans. A contemporary design can likewise camouflage a home’s limited space by incorporating plenty of glass.


Contemporary-style homes offer a lot of opportunities to embrace earth-friendly choices. These include using water-saving plumbing fixtures like dual-flush toilets, and energy-efficient lighting fixtures like compact fluorescent lights. In addition, a contemporary design provides homeowners a chance to use sustainable building materials like timber, mud bricks, a home-grown sawdust-concrete combo (timbercrete), prefab panels, and rammed earth.

Natural light

A contemporary home design takes natural light into consideration so the homeowners can maximize it and save on artificial lighting costs as a result. This typically means installing large windows in rooms that receive heavy traffic such as living rooms and kitchens.


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