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BuzzHomes Extends its Popular Promotion for First-Home Buyers in Perth

BuzzHomes, a trusted home builder brand and company in the Western Australia area, is happy to announce the extension of their popular promotion for first-home buyers in Perth. The current promotion, which calls for home-buyers to put up just 1% of the property value as deposit, has been extended after it received an overwhelming number of positive responses from property hunters and newlyweds.

The company fully understands that for many first-time homebuyers, the process of searching the market for an affordable and suitable personal domiciles can be one of the toughest tasks they would have to endure. With this in mind, BuzzHomes envisioned the 1% deposit promo as a viable and attractive avenue for prospective clients to have access to quality homes at very flexible terms. Since its rollout, many property buyers have been able to get their first piece of real estate that fits their exact needs and financial capabilities.


Time to Build Now, Save Later

According to Australia’s Master Builders Association, the cost of renovating a property is set to increase by over twenty per cent within the next twelve months. They speculate that the number of tradesmen is decreasing while the number of projects continues to rise. This gets home owners (present and future) wondering how to get the renovations done or the house built without breaking the bank.

Plan the renovation carefully

If you’re going to have things renovated, make sure you get them all done. Make a list of all the necessary renovations then negotiate for the best package price. From here, you can see how much you stand to save if you have the renovations done after prices go up. Remember why you’re doing this now so there won’t be a need for it later.

Build your dream today

Should the price of renovating a home be projected to rise, the cost of building one will be sure to follow. One way to preserve your budget is to take advantage of land and home packages. For first time buyers, the Australian government provides monetary support via the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG).

Insuring your future

For those with some cash they’ve been saving for a rainy day, that day has finally come. Insuring your home can provide that extra sense of security for you and protection for your hard-earned investment. You may not see any kind of return of your investment now, but you’ll be ready should the unthinkable occur.

Moving into Your New Perth House and Land: Tips for a Stress-free Move

Indeed, moving into a new home is an activity that very few people would call ‘fun’. The preparation alone can keep you busy for a long time—there’s so much cleaning, planning, and packing up to do. Not to mention, all these need to be done even before you get into your car and be on your way to your new home in Perth.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimise the stress of the process. Below are some tips from that you can use whether you plan to use the services of a removalist, or take care of the move yourself and hire a van or trailer.

More Time to Get Perth House and Land Packages at a Cool 1% Deposit!

Ever dreamed you could stop paying rent and start living in your own home? BuzzHomes can make your dream a reality! We’re extending our 1% deposit promo from 30 September to 31 October 2014. The best house and land packages in Perth have never been so affordable!

Owning a house is a lot more beneficial than you think. Aside from the option to customise every area of your home, ownership also allows you to build home equity. You can access this value to meet numerous other expenses, such as home care and co-payments—things you wouldn’t normally be able to achieve as a renter.

New Homes for Sale in Perth: Making the Purchase Process Go Smoothly

Though owning a house is a dream come true for many, the process of purchasing one can be quite a stressful experience because it often involves decisions that come with huge financial and emotional repercussions. Thankfully, with the right kind of planning, knowledge, and a little support, the home-buying process can go as smooth and stress-free as possible.

In buying a new home, the first step should always be to look at what you can afford and how you’ll be paying for it. As a financial safety net, it will be wise to ensure that your monthly mortgage payments stay below 25 percent of your gross monthly income.

Make Property Dreams Real with the Right Builder

In the past, the big dream for most Australians was to own at least a quarter acre lot with a home fit for a family, and a barbeque area in the yard. Now that dream has evolved, as most desire to own a home, have investment property, and own another home for holiday use.

If you are one of these individuals who aspires to own a handful of residential properties, it is paramount to not only find the best real estate locations possible, but to also work with a designer and builder that will help get the most value out of the property.

Whether it is to be used as a primary residence or is a holiday home, any type of property is a significant investment and it is important to get the build done right the first time. This not only ensures that the initial building investment provides great value in return, but also helps the owner avoid the costs of having to re-do or repair any part of the home.

Having the right builder can help get the most value out a property investment and help avoid unnecessary costs. They also make it easier for you to establish the finances that will be used towards acquiring that second piece of property.

How to Turn your Dream House into a Headache

When purchasing a home for the first time, people want everything to be perfect. Although it seems like asking for a lot, many people do manage to find a “dream house”.

Unfortunately, a similar number of people also begin to regret purchasing a house once the “honeymoon stage” is over. If you are purchasing a home for the first time, be sure to avoid doing any of the things below. Otherwise, your dream house could very well turn into a massive headache:

Not establishing a budget

Many first-time homeowners underestimate the cost of running a home. Don’t forget that utility, maintenance, and a whole other set of bills will be heading your way once you stop renting and start owning.

Draft a budget to see if your income can support homeownership. If not, you’ll want to save up for just a bit longer. This equation should prove useful:

Spending Power = (borrowing power + deposit – home acquisitions costs) + government grants and concessions

Forgetting to check credit score

Make sure you check your credit score before seeking pre-approval for a mortgage. A poor credit score can result in high interest rates. A denied mortgage application is also possible. The earlier you request a copy of your credit report, the more time you have to fix any problems you may find.