Adding Colour to your New home

Part of the real beauty of having a house built through quality home and land packages in Perth is the freedom to style the place as you see fit. In many aspects, the final design of the house-and-land can give you ideas on where to start- such as the colours most of the interior should be decked out in. Some colour combinations may fit your preferences while others can be too gaudy for your tastes, and your contractor will ensure the place is painted to your liking. Here are a couple of recommendations:

Sky Elemental

A sky-based colour palette may help in tempering preferences with clean weather. For instance, consider painting the walls a pale or pastel blue, to represent the clear skies that Perth has for much of the year. A dark grey ceiling should mark the clouds while the cornices and corner frames should be in light gray as a counterbalance.

Sunny Days

Perth’s fame for being a city with ample sunshine all day long factors well into painting the interior. Some may suggest going for yellow right off the bat because it’s warm and comforting, but think about equally luminescent substitutes too. A sedate gold hue can work for the walls while a cream ceiling works well for amplifying the lights.

It’s important to mix and match the right colours to provide a wonderful atmosphere for your dream house. Your loved ones will thank you for it.


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