Time to Build Now, Save Later

According to Australia’s Master Builders Association, the cost of renovating a property is set to increase by over twenty per cent within the next twelve months. They speculate that the number of tradesmen is decreasing while the number of projects continues to rise. This gets home owners (present and future) wondering how to get the renovations done or the house built without breaking the bank.

Plan the renovation carefully

If you’re going to have things renovated, make sure you get them all done. Make a list of all the necessary renovations then negotiate for the best package price. From here, you can see how much you stand to save if you have the renovations done after prices go up. Remember why you’re doing this now so there won’t be a need for it later.

Build your dream today

Should the price of renovating a home be projected to rise, the cost of building one will be sure to follow. One way to preserve your budget is to take advantage of land and home packages. For first time buyers, the Australian government provides monetary support via the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG).

Insuring your future

For those with some cash they’ve been saving for a rainy day, that day has finally come. Insuring your home can provide that extra sense of security for you and protection for your hard-earned investment. You may not see any kind of return of your investment now, but you’ll be ready should the unthinkable occur.


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