Plan Well When Buying Perth Home and Land Packages

Those experienced in Western Australia’s real estate industry will quickly tell you that research is key if you’re in the market for a new house. Be it an existing property or one of the excellent home and land packages in Perth, a little knowledge will go a long way in making a wise purchase decisions.

Start with the location first because you’d certainly want to lay the foundations of your future in a neighbourhood that you absolutely like. Luckily, Perth has plenty of neighbourhoods that can accommodate your ideal lifestyle. For example, Swinburne and Subiaco are great places for young professionals to put down their roots, while Applecross and Rivervale have the right ambience and amenities to accommodate growing families.

Next, you need to know the level of control you can have over the house you want to build. Take note that most home designs are set in stone and can only be altered slightly to suit your needs better.

Of course, all this assumes that you’re buying a home and land package with the express purpose of living there. You may also want to purchase such a package for investment purposes that incurs a much lower stamp duty. If this is the case, then you might want to look for a house that caters to your target market’s preferences rather than yours.


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