Spring: It’s Home Buying Season for First-Timers

Spring has always signalled the beginning of home buying season. After being cooped up in their homes during the cold winter, buyers are allowed by the pleasant springtime to get out and explore the homes up for sale. First-timers, particularly, can enjoy many advantages when buying during this season.

The Best Way to Buy

The problem with the spring selling season is the focus on auctions, and possibly less houses up for sale, which puts first home buyers at a disadvantage. Old homes may also have problems with moisture, leaks, and other issues that would only be evident during winter or autumn.

Perhaps the best way to secure a home is through buying a new house, or a house and land package. You can ensure the quality and integrity of the structures, customise the design, and furnish deals that you can afford and be satisfied with.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait

Buying in spring, you can avoid the steep prices and total frenzy during summer, the traditional peak season for real estate. Prices may be at their lowest during autumn and winter, but you may not be able to fully appreciate the neighbourhood and the home’s features during these frostier times.

Spring is also more suitable when building a home from the ground up. You don’t want construction – typically 6-12 months – to be interrupted by depressed weather. You can also visualise the home’s design better and can actively monitor the building’s progress during the milder climates.


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