Characteristics of Modern Style Homes

Are you fond of clean, clutter-free, sleek spaces? Then modern-style homes should be right up your alley. Here are a few of the inherent qualities of modern-styled homes which continue to capture the attention of the new millennials.

Minimal ornaments – Modern homes are characterized by minimal decorations. All the decorative embellishments you normally see in other architectural styles (say, Victorian with all those fancy lace trims) are significantly toned down in modern homes, creating a clean feeling all around.

Simple exteriors – A modern style home is as distinguishable outside as it is inside—everything concerning the exterior is straightforward. The design is heavily geometric, sleek, and functional—which means that the features aren’t simply aesthetic in nature. The roof also follow the motif, with most homes featuring flat or low-pitched roofs. They’re also generally single-storey buildings.

Airy interiors – Modern homes have a great feeling of airiness inside. Most of the time, the living spaces aren’t defined by walls; for instance, the kitchen and the dining areas are separated. Low counters are installed in place of conventional walls to convey a continuous flow of space.

Open floor plans – Open floor plans mean that each and every room in the house isn’t one-dimensional, meaning they can serve multiple functions whenever necessary. Open floor plans barely feature enclosed rooms, resembling a single, continuous living space.


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