Three Secrets for a Stylishly Audacious Alfresco

If you come across West Australia’s feted outdoor spaces, you’ll see that being bold in designing an alfresco is already a norm. It’s not that the construction and furnishings are always outlandish. Instead, you see modern materials, fresh-looking elements, and lux concepts all integrated in the design.

Since exceptional home builders in Perth, WA incorporate alfresco areas in the properties they develop, new home buyers may find it both exciting and challenging to style that outdoor space. To help you in the decorating process, here are three secrets to achieve a stylishly audacious alfresco:

Merging Indoors with Outdoors

Your home builder may already give you a head start by using glass walls or doors to fluidly transition your interiors to your outdoor space. Enhance the effect further by arranging cosy all-weather items (e.g. cushioned wicker benches) as an alternative to traditionally bare patio furniture.

Wisely Picked Colour Palettes

Neutrals and earthy tones distinctly create a timeless, sophisticated space, while boldly dyed accents and ornaments render it an energetic vibe. Aside from your furnishings, you can craft a lively outdoor area with your natural landscape, so plan the colour palette of the plants and flowers in your yard.

Warmth through Night Lighting

During the day, you can obviously depend on Australia’s vibrant sunshine, but at dusk or at night, you will need artificial lighting to enhance the warm and inviting ambience of your alfresco. Do this with candles, recessed lights, sconces, and even outdoor fireplaces or fire pits if possible.


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