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Build Now: Builders in Perth, WA Can Now Have Faster Construction Times

Builders in Perth, WA can now complete their projects and fulfil the dreams of aspiring home owners much quicker than ever, thanks to state reforms. Dubbed the ‘instant start initiative’, these reforms to Western Australia’s building approvals process for single residential housing projects allow registered builders to begin construction “upon lodging a certified permit application while the application was processed by local government,” as reported on Perth Now.
Previously, building approvals that should only take 10 days to be issued took an average of 24 days to be processed. That meant homeowners had to spend an additional 3 weeks’ worth of rent when they could have moved into their new homes much sooner. The instant start initiative help ensure that such cases are a thing of the past.


Let the Sun In: Expert Perth Home Builder Constructs Your Dream Home

Perth recently had a record hot September day of 34.2 Celsius, beating an almost century-old record of 32.7 Celsius back in 1918. Temperatures that high make the perfect excuse to go to the beach, and fortunately, Perth is well-known for the sandy beaches that mark its coast. Why just visit though? With the help of an experienced Perth home builder from the likes of Buzz Homes, you can have your own home built in Western Australia’s jewel of a city.

The great thing about Perth right now is that its property and housing market is perfect for setting up your new home, whether you have it built from the ground up or you buy one of the display homes for sale in Perth. Another benefit is that Perth’s First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) can get you $7,000 to $10,000 dollars on buying the land and building your first home– combined with a home loan, you’ll have enough cash on hand to set up your dream home. The process is very simple.

How to Find the Best Suburbs to Live in for First Home Buyers in Perth

Perth alone has 350 suburbs within its jurisdiction, and for those who want to own a house in the hustle and bustle of this populous city, then it might be quite difficult to decide which suburb is the best one for you. Perth first home buyers will have plenty of options to choose from as each location has its own fair share of benefits and advantages.

Terry Ryder, founder of and a property observer, lists several Perth hotspots that show the best growth potential. In an article for Perth Now, Mr. Ryder shares how, “The City of Armadale, Belmont, Butler and Rockingham had potential as “ugly ducklings”. “Some suburbs were once shunned as downmarket but now are regarded as trendy – ugly ducklings can transform into real estate swans.” By ugly ducklings, he means suburbs which aren’t very popular but make good prospects for property investments.

Buying House and Land Packages in Perth Can Pay Off if Done Wisely

House and land packages in Perth are indeed the rage with investors nowadays in Western Australia, with the sheer number of homes being built. Making the right decisions in selecting the location will pay off big time down the road, as described by Rory O’Rourke in his article for Smart Property Investment.

Booming industry
The housing sector in Western Australia is enjoying a new home construction boom, according to data produced by the WA Housing Forecasting Group. From June 2013 to 2014, more than 28,000 homes were built, which translate to a 20% jump in new home construction compared with the previous year. The increasing number of investors buying house and land packages has helped contribute to this figure.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Home Builder

So you’ve finally decided to stop paying monthly rents and searching for temporary abodes you could park yourself in. After some deep reflection, you have decided to purchase a home for you and your future family, and now you’re wondering if there’s an easier way to go about it.

Hiring a professional home builder could save you the time and stress of planning out your dream home. Below are a couple of reasons why employing the services of home builders is a good idea: Continue reading →

Splitting the Bill: How to Pay for Your First Home

Bills are pretty straightforward—you get them, you pay for them. The problem comes when you have to split the bill with someone else. When you purchase a new home with your partner, how will the two of you handle your share of bills? Will it be an even split, or will one have to pay more than the other? It’s important to have a plan early so that your bills won’t put a strain on your finances, and ultimately, your relationship.

Evaluating income

Not all couples fall under the same tax bracket. More often than not, one partner is the clear breadwinner and that person will likely have to shoulder a bigger burden in terms of bill payment. Still, some couples decide to split the bill equally despite the discrepancy in salary. The best thing you can do is discuss the ideal setup with your partner long before you purchase your first home. Continue reading →

Surveying House and Lot Trends for 2015

As real estate professionals review housing trends with the close of 2014, they see 2015 to be a good year for first home buyers.

According to reports, early 2015 will see an abundance of available lands, a trend that started in late 2014. This is driven in part by a rising demand for affordable housing, with acceptable minimum lot areas downsized from 600 square meters to 450 square meters. Competition among land developers is also seen to propel lower-cost properties, further driving the demand for new homes and attracting previously hesitant buyers. Continue reading →