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Pre-Designed Homes: Practicality over Originality

Buying a pre-designed house plan may seem like an excuse to spend less money to live in a cookie-cutter home. The truth is, pre-designed homes have distinct advantages over custom-drawn plans for clients and builders in Perth, WA.

The biggest advantage of a pre-designed house plan is the ability to “tour” the house before it is built to ensure everything is to your liking. Clients can immediately see the way the house is laid out and decide if they would like to use the design. With a custom-drawn house plan, there is nothing to show until it has already been drawn and committed to. Continue reading →


House and Land in Perth for New Home Construction: What Buyers Can Do

In the current Australian housing market, however, it seems that the number of buyers who prefer newly built homes is growing at a much faster rate than expected. The Housing Industry Association (HIA) reports that for 2013, there were 167,947 new homes built, which is a significant increase from the 151,508 in the previous year. Real estate insiders expect that the 2014 figures for new home construction will have increased by 100 percent in five years.

It’s easy to see why more and more people are embracing newly built homes. A recently constructed home has a contemporary design, state-of-the-art amenities, and is made from the latest in quality building materials. Purchasing house and land in Perth from builders like BuzzHomes even lets buyers have their say on the home’s design and features. With this option, a dream home will be within their reach.

Creative Solutions for Common Home Design Issues

There will always be a point when you look around your home and feel like there are some things you can improve. It could happen as you move in, or months later when you think your home décor needs a few touch-ups. Here are some common home design issues that you might encounter and some creative solutions to address them:

When it lacks warmth

Do your rooms look too sterile, or do they lack that homey feel? Add warmth through hot colours! Moody blues and rusty hues fit many design schemes, and you can play around with them to enhance the cosiness of your home. Use these and other subdued tones in the fabrics or furnishings you use, especially your window treatments, rugs, and pillow cases. You can also incorporate warm metallic colours like bronze into your kitchen. Continue reading →

New Homes for Sale in Perth: Their Advantages for First Home Buyers

When buyers look into their options for a first home, they tend to have location high up on their priority list. After all, the place where the property will be situated will play a huge role in their quality of life.

In the current Australian housing market, it is Western Australia which is attracting a big pool of first home buyers thanks to the abundance of moderately priced houses that promise comfortable living nonetheless. The most recent real estate figures show that 20.7 percent of the total buyers are made up of first home buyers who also take advantage of the first home grant privileges from WA’s Office of State Revenue.

For First Home Buyers in Perth, Closing the Deal Gets Better, Easier

If you are one of those Perth first home buyers whose have not been able to narrow down on a property, some changes are afoot that may work for you. Perth Now’s Peter Law writes that the Western Australian state government is making progress in the implementation of numerous housing reforms under the “Planning Makes It Happen” initiative.
The move is timely in light of Western Australia’s being graded under the Housing Industry Association’s Housing Scorecard report, which revealed top national scores for the state in residential house building. Its closest rivals for the honour were the Northern Territory and New South Wales. A developer of house and land packages like BuzzHomes aims to help your dream home become one of the new houses to be set up this year.

House and Land Packages in Perth: Fitting Them in without the Hassles?

If you’ve been dreaming of having your own house but find no established properties to your liking, you might go for building one from scratch with as few complications as possible. In a feature article for Perth Now, writer Peter Law says that it may be possible to do it without having to find fresh property in unorganised areas outside the city limits.
There’s no denying that Perth has become a popular place to settle down and work in. You have a vibrant economy in place, many natural surroundings, and clear weather almost all year-round. Best of all: if you decide to take that plunge and become a homeowner from the get-go, a company like BuzzHomes has the best house and land packages in Perth waiting for you.

How to Get the Interest Rate You Want

Every first home buyer dreams of getting the lowest possible interest rate on a mortgage. Low interest rates mean lower monthly payments, which is a huge advantage in and of itself. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to put in a lot of time and effort into looking for the most competitive rates available. If you find the best one, then your time and effort will be well spent.

That being said, there’s often a catch with low mortgage rates. Although you might find a mortgage loan with an impressively low rate, it’s usually available for only a few months after you acquire your mortgage. To make sure that the rate you pay for is the rate you want, you need to consider a fixed rate home loan. Continue reading →