Thriving Neighbourhood—Searching for a Perth Home

Perth is a big place. With several suburbs within its borders, it’s nearly impossible to make a quick decision when it comes to real estate purchases. At this point, price should be the least of your worries.

The first item on your house-hunting agenda should be to scout ahead. There may be pictures of your shortlisted suburbs on the Internet, but getting a feel for the surroundings is still advisable. Lecturer and property advocate Peter Koulizos suggests looking for suburbs that seem to have expanded homes. This is usually a sign of financial stability.

Koulizos also suggests looking for signs of urban development or the presence of a thriving community. Take, for instance, the influx of the wealthy into remote communities. When you see a few beautiful homes in an otherwise simple-looking neighbourhood, you are most likely standing in an area that has shown considerable promise to homebuyers.

Home expansions aside, here are other positive signs of growth in a particular community:

  • Nice cars parked along the roads

  • Gourmet restaurants and membership shopping

  • Property developments all around (both residential and commercial)

  • The scale of local events and their attendees

  • Regular police patrols

  • Stores are open 24 hours

  • Major franchises setting up shop in that suburb


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