Creative Solutions for Common Home Design Issues

There will always be a point when you look around your home and feel like there are some things you can improve. It could happen as you move in, or months later when you think your home décor needs a few touch-ups. Here are some common home design issues that you might encounter and some creative solutions to address them:

When it lacks warmth

Do your rooms look too sterile, or do they lack that homey feel? Add warmth through hot colours! Moody blues and rusty hues fit many design schemes, and you can play around with them to enhance the cosiness of your home. Use these and other subdued tones in the fabrics or furnishings you use, especially your window treatments, rugs, and pillow cases. You can also incorporate warm metallic colours like bronze into your kitchen.

When a room looks awkwardly big

Bigger isn’t always better. When a large living room looks awkward, enhance its visual appeal by making distinct sections. Area rugs are perfect for doing so; make them anchor points for your furniture. You can also separate an area and give it some level of privacy through a tall, closed shelf.

When you want it to be more energy-efficient

A fine home builder in Perth will incorporate energy efficiency measures or features into new homes. You can improve this further through simple additions like curtains that help prevent the cool indoor air from leaking through doors and windows.

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