Pre-Designed Homes: Practicality over Originality

Buying a pre-designed house plan may seem like an excuse to spend less money to live in a cookie-cutter home. The truth is, pre-designed homes have distinct advantages over custom-drawn plans for clients and builders in Perth, WA.

The biggest advantage of a pre-designed house plan is the ability to “tour” the house before it is built to ensure everything is to your liking. Clients can immediately see the way the house is laid out and decide if they would like to use the design. With a custom-drawn house plan, there is nothing to show until it has already been drawn and committed to.

Needless to say, the process of designing a house to meet a client’s standards is a tedious one. Many hours of consultation need to be endured to make sure they are happy with what they’re getting. Buying a pre-designed house plan means that clients get building sooner. If they’re in a rush to sell their current home whilst constructing their new one, this is the option for them.

To meet demanding buyers halfway, a pre-designed house plan could be purchased and then modified to better suit the client’s needs. The good news is that it is still significantly less expensive than having a house plan custom-drawn that could run up to 10% of the total construction cost. With hundreds of pre-designed plans that can be modified, it’s like getting a custom-drawn design for less because the modifications made will make it uniquely theirs.

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