FAQs about Building Permits

So you’re thinking about building a new home? Congratulations! This must certainly be a very exciting time for you. If you already have a design in mind and you’re ready to go, it’s time to apply for some building permits and think about involving a home builder and building surveyor in your plans.

What is a building permit?

A building permit is a licence that must be obtained from a registered building surveyor to secure permission to proceed with the construction of a building project. Building permits are generally required for new buildings, renovations, demolitions, and alterations, among other things.

What are building permits for?

Building permits ensure that the construction project conforms to council or safety regulations. The enforcement of these standards is carried out to uphold public welfare, safety, and health whatever the type of building project may be.

How much do building permits cost?

Building permit costs depend on the type of project. Considerations that affect building permit cost include size, scale, and complexity of the planned construction. Price may also vary between different councils and surveyors.

Sometimes, planning permits are necessary before you can be issued a building permit. Your builder will know if you need to obtain a planning permit along with your building permit, or if you can go ahead with securing a building permit directly.


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