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Important Considerations When Building a New Home

When you’re planning and finalising a big purchase (say, a home), you can’t risk being impulsive. You have to be meticulous in preparing for the commitment, surveying your choices and studying the details of your transaction.

Here are some things worth discussing with your chosen home builders before you push through with the construction of your new home:

The Nitty Gritty

The most basic considerations for a new home are its location, features and price. Since you’re already set on living in Perth, you have to determine the neighbourhood and exactly where in that neighbourhood you want to be situated (perhaps somewhere close to the main roads or to the local school). Continue reading →


Where Should You Build Your Home?

“Location, location, location,” is a phrase you’ll often hear in the business world. Although it’s obviously not the only ingredient to success, location puts a business in a position to better achieve its goals. However, the phrase isn’t only applicable to the commercial realm—it’s also a necessary element in the real estate industry, especially in the domestic side of things. Success and failure in the residential front can rely heavily on the property’s location.

To help you find the right property development site to build your house on, a visit to your local council’s website can prove extremely fruitful. This will yield important information you’ll need to proceed with your purchase, including:

Infrastructure investment

Infrastructure refers to the basic physical systems in place in the location. This includes systems of communication, sewage, transportation, water, and electricity. Infrastructure is vital to the location’s economic development and prosperity, so confirm that the community you want to move into is making a considerable investment in it. Continue reading →

First Home Owners Grant in Australia

How does the First Home Owners Grant differ across Australia? Though the process is generally the same, each state has its own way of handling it. Below is how five Australian states differ in their FHOG implementation:

New South Wales

NSW offers a $15,000 grant for new homes that amount to $650,000 or less. The state also offers a Regional Relocation Grant of $7,000 if you move from a metropolitan home to a regional one.


In Queensland, the First Home Owners Grant is more popularly known as the Great Start Grant. First-time home buyers or those building a new home can get a $15,000 grant for properties $750,000 or less. Continue reading →

Home Builders in Perth, WA Fulfil 3 Essentials for Bathroom Happiness

It’s no secret that bathrooms are high-traffic areas in any home, which is why they receive utmost consideration during the construction phase. These days, an earthy-looking bathroom with features inspired by nature is what most new homeowners want to see in their new homes, and Perth, WA builders, designers, and renovators are quick to adapt to this trend. With this in mind, here is a list of what to consider when planning or building your dream bathroom for your new home:

Natural Lighting
Natural light shining through your bathroom windows not only makes for a cheerful environment, it also ensures that your bathroom is a healthier place to be in. A dark and dank bathroom is prone to mould growth, which can be hazardous to one’s health. By making sure your bathroom receives plenty of natural light, you significantly reduce the risk of mould and mildew growth.

Steps to a New Home: Location

With over 300 suburbs and local government areas (LGAs), Perth is quite huge. Yet, the second step in owning a new home demands that you settle in one of these suburbs or LGAs. This part of the process can take you weeks or months because you want to be sure your new neighbourhood is a good one.

Experienced renters who are looking to own a new home are at an advantage because they have probably lived in a number of places over the years; however, if you’re starting from zilch, you might have to go on a road trip across Perth. Do your research on your shortlist of suburbs and LGAs, travel to those places, and get a feel for the surroundings. Continue reading →

Perth Home Builder: Eco-Friendly Building Options for Your New Home

In any construction project, balancing considerations such as budget, time, and aesthetics can be a challenge. When building a new house, therefore, be sure to include environmental considerations in your plans and preparations. The products used to build, furnish, clean, and enhance your home must be a part of the greening process.

Why go green, you may ask? Thanks to more efficient materials and systems, you can enjoy lower utility bills today and higher resale values later. Likewise, you can contribute to global sustainability efforts that yield long-term economic benefits.

‘Hands Off the Super Fund,’ Young Perth First Home Buyers Advised

PM Tony Abbott thinks using superannuation to fund first home buyers in Perth is a “perfectly good and respectable” idea, but he also admits that such a proposal entails several issues that need to be addressed.

Although Mr Abbott was open to debating superannuation’s pros and cons, various groups, experts, and even members of his staff believe it would bring more trouble than good. Under the national retirement savings policy, which collects 9.5 percent of an employee’s salary, the super fund can only be accessed upon retirement (between 55 and 60 years old) or reaching 65.