Steps to a New Home: Location

With over 300 suburbs and local government areas (LGAs), Perth is quite huge. Yet, the second step in owning a new home demands that you settle in one of these suburbs or LGAs. This part of the process can take you weeks or months because you want to be sure your new neighbourhood is a good one.

Experienced renters who are looking to own a new home are at an advantage because they have probably lived in a number of places over the years; however, if you’re starting from zilch, you might have to go on a road trip across Perth. Do your research on your shortlist of suburbs and LGAs, travel to those places, and get a feel for the surroundings.

Your choices aren’t as limited as you think, provided that you have a stable job while planning to have your own home built. It’s normal to look for a good spot close to work, as well as basic amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, and other services. If you work from home, then your choices are broader. Think about your lifestyle, too.

Some homebuyers choose their locations by considering the area’s crime rate, which is quite understandable. If you can find a crime-free neighbourhood, then consider yourself both safe and lucky. Unfortunately, such places are rare, so settle on the next best thing instead—those with very low or minimal incidences of unlawful acts.


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