First Home Owners Grant in Australia

How does the First Home Owners Grant differ across Australia? Though the process is generally the same, each state has its own way of handling it. Below is how five Australian states differ in their FHOG implementation:

New South Wales

NSW offers a $15,000 grant for new homes that amount to $650,000 or less. The state also offers a Regional Relocation Grant of $7,000 if you move from a metropolitan home to a regional one.


In Queensland, the First Home Owners Grant is more popularly known as the Great Start Grant. First-time home buyers or those building a new home can get a $15,000 grant for properties $750,000 or less.

Western Australia

In Western Australia, first homeowners can receive a $10,000 grant for new home construction and a $3,000 grant for an established one. The grant is capped at purchase $750,000 and below; however, it is also applicable for houses of up to $1,000,000, as long as these are located north of the 26th parallel.

South Australia

First Home Owner Grant in South Australia previously stood at $5,000, but all that has changed on June 30, 2014, when the cap was raised to $15,000 for new homes up to the value of $575,000.


Victoria offers a grant of up to $10,000 for first home buyers looking to purchase homes that cost $750,000 and below.


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