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Choosing a Builder for Your New Home

You’ve decided to buy a new home instead of a pre-owned one. You know where your financing will come from and chose Perth as a location. Now, you have to choose builders. What are the factors to consider?

Reputation and Experience. It’s not only about the length of time the builders have been in practice but also the level of satisfaction of their past clients. Recognition from industry authorities is also a good basis. Make sure you do your research on these characteristics by directly asking the prospective builders as well as third-party sources. Client testimonials and industrial reviews are other good sources. Continue reading →

Communicating With Your Home Builder

Your home builder is your partner in creating your dream home. To avoid misunderstandings, mistakes, and nasty surprises along the way, you must maintain good communication with your builder. These tips can help you lay down some strong foundations for communication and keep a good working relationship.

Builder Credibility

Homebuyers should always start by making sure that the company they choose has a good reputation. Check first if the firm operates under a legitimate license and if it carries builder’s insurance. This should help put your mind at ease and establish greater trust between you and the builder. Continue reading →

What Do First Home Buyers Need to Look For?

First-time home buyers can make several mistakes at the start of their journey. Many focus too much on the price or expenses that they forget to consider other important factors that can eventually affect their living comfort. The following list should give you an idea on what to look for while shopping for your first home. Continue reading →

How to Get Rid of Your Home Loan Fast

Although financing is included in home and land packages offered by Perth builders today, the fact remains the same: a mortgage is a mortgage. The figure can be really intimidating, particularly during the early years of the mortgage when the principal and interest are at their highest—but this doesn’t have to dominate your life for long. There are simple ways you can cut years off your home loan period and soon own the property entirely. Continue reading →