Choosing a Builder for Your New Home

You’ve decided to buy a new home instead of a pre-owned one. You know where your financing will come from and chose Perth as a location. Now, you have to choose builders. What are the factors to consider?

Reputation and Experience. It’s not only about the length of time the builders have been in practice but also the level of satisfaction of their past clients. Recognition from industry authorities is also a good basis. Make sure you do your research on these characteristics by directly asking the prospective builders as well as third-party sources. Client testimonials and industrial reviews are other good sources.

Pricing. It’s not simply a matter of low versus high cost. The cheapest price may cause you problems in a few years’ time because of poor workmanship and cheap materials. That doesn’t mean you should go for the ridiculously expensive ones either. Again, research is the key to determine the most reasonable prices.

Membership in Relevant Associations. Check out Housing Industry Association (HIA) and Master Builders Association (MBA). These associations have high standards when it comes to membership, so half of your research work is already done if the builder is a member of either (or both) of these organizations.


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