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How Home Builders in Perth, WA Help You Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

It pays to consider sustainability and environmental responsibility in every choice you make these days. You can feel good knowing that you are helping the environment on some level and at the same time take delight in all the health and economic benefits that come with sustainable living. If you are in the market for a house and land package in Perth, then adopting a more sustainable lifestyle can help you enjoy those same rewards for years or even an entire lifetime.
With a new home construction, you can have more control over the outcome and ensure that the property has zero negative environmental impact. The same may not be true of existing homes that may have been built at a time when sustainable and green designs were not as highly valued as they are today.


Home Builder Considerations and Saving Money on a New Home in Perth

A new set of data shows that housing block sizes in Perth continue to shrink. According to the Herald Sun, data from the Urban Development Institute of Australia (WA) shows that the typical housing block size is now smaller, on average, by 123 square metres from seven years ago.
Industry experts say this is not necessarily a bad thing. For one, most homes are now being built to maximise the use of space. In response, home buyers’ preferences are shifting towards houses built bigger in relation to block size.

Financing Your Home Building in Perth via the First Home Buyers Grant

If you are considering having your new home built in Perth, you’re probably aware of what house and land packages are and how the First Home Buyers Grant (also called the First Home Owners Grant or FHOG) helps make a property more affordable. This government-supported source of funding can give you more financial breathing room, provided you are eligible.

The FHOG was initiated by the Federal Government to help offset the effect of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which first home buyers in Perth and in other states have to pay when purchasing a previously owned residence or building one from scratch.

House and Land Packages in Perth: Tips to Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Many first-time homeowners find the prospect of building their homes from scratch more appealing than buying pre-owned properties for one simple reason: They get a deeper sense of ownership. If you’re currently exploring the Perth property market, you’ve probably already come across house and land packages.

For first-time homeowners, house and land packages make ideal purchases because these remove the need for arduous searches and intricate paperwork that usually characterise the path to home ownership. For instance, builders such as BuzzHomes offer a comprehensive range of services, from financing and design down to the actual construction and turning over of keys. Additionally, such firms build in well-managed, convenient, and peaceful communities.