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How Any First Home Builder in Perth Can Reduce Construction Costs

The Australian government’s First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) has helped many citizens acquire their dream homes for significantly lower prices. Still, there are more steps you can take to further drive down the cost of your new home’s construction. If you are a first home builder in Perth, here are some cost-efficient construction tips to follow.

Bedrooms and Baths
The numbers of bedrooms and baths you decide to have in your home will affect its overall price. According to YourHome, a single bedroom costs about $900-$1500 per square metre, while an en suite bath costs $20,000. The best path to take is to consider what your requirements are now and in the near future. Are you planning on staying in this house for the next 20 years and raising a family? Are you looking to move on in the next 5 years?


Home Builder in Perth: Design and Architecture Tips for Greener Homes

Sustainability is not a new concept for home builders in Perth, but it seems that some home buyers are only just catching on. Aside from the obvious benefits of having an environmentally sound home, adapting sustainable design and architecture will make for a physically comfortable life. Here are some handy tips from a home builder for people who want to build a sustainable house they would be proud to call a home for many years to come.

Choose a Plan

Many home builders in Perth today have several display homes for sale lined up for you to check out. When looking at these display homes, take time to imagine what your life will be like in such a residence.

5 Tips to Maintain a Positive Relationship with Your Home Builder

More often than not, choosing the right builder is the core of every home building project. After viewing a number of new homes for sale you should be ready to make a decision on your choice of builder. You’d want a home builder who is not only fully licensed and insured, but also one you feel comfortable with and whose honesty and integrity you can count on. While reputable local builders in Perth such as BuzzHomes will strive to accommodate your every request, you can also contribute to the success of your entire home building experience by doing your part.

Home Builder Considerations and Saving Money on a New Home in Perth

A new set of data shows that housing block sizes in Perth continue to shrink. According to the Herald Sun, data from the Urban Development Institute of Australia (WA) shows that the typical housing block size is now smaller, on average, by 123 square metres from seven years ago.
Industry experts say this is not necessarily a bad thing. For one, most homes are now being built to maximise the use of space. In response, home buyers’ preferences are shifting towards houses built bigger in relation to block size.

Perth Home Builder: Eco-Friendly Building Options for Your New Home

In any construction project, balancing considerations such as budget, time, and aesthetics can be a challenge. When building a new house, therefore, be sure to include environmental considerations in your plans and preparations. The products used to build, furnish, clean, and enhance your home must be a part of the greening process.

Why go green, you may ask? Thanks to more efficient materials and systems, you can enjoy lower utility bills today and higher resale values later. Likewise, you can contribute to global sustainability efforts that yield long-term economic benefits.

Let the Sun In: Expert Perth Home Builder Constructs Your Dream Home

Perth recently had a record hot September day of 34.2 Celsius, beating an almost century-old record of 32.7 Celsius back in 1918. Temperatures that high make the perfect excuse to go to the beach, and fortunately, Perth is well-known for the sandy beaches that mark its coast. Why just visit though? With the help of an experienced Perth home builder from the likes of Buzz Homes, you can have your own home built in Western Australia’s jewel of a city.

The great thing about Perth right now is that its property and housing market is perfect for setting up your new home, whether you have it built from the ground up or you buy one of the display homes for sale in Perth. Another benefit is that Perth’s First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) can get you $7,000 to $10,000 dollars on buying the land and building your first home– combined with a home loan, you’ll have enough cash on hand to set up your dream home. The process is very simple.

Renowned Perth Home Builder Launches Sizzling Hot Summer Promotion

With summer just over a month away, BuzzHomes, a renowned Perth home builder, has decided to make the weather sizzling hot a little early as the company launches its latest seasonal promotion. Dubbed as Sizzling Summer Madness, the special offering will run from November 1 to 30 of the current year and will give first-time homebuyers enough reason to finally stop renting and start owning the dream house they’ve always wanted.

The company’s promotional offering will give first-time homebuyers in Western Australia the chance to buy and build brand new homes that come fully packed with features and additions. As part of this seasonal promo, every customer that signs up will get to have deluxe designer elevations, floor coverings and window treatments from Builder’s Range, and 450x450mm floor tiles for the living areas for their new homes.