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3 Questions to Ask Perth Home Builders

Finding the right builder is a significant step in getting the home of your dreams. Shoddy work can cause you not only heartaches but financial losses as well. To guide you in selecting a builder you can rely on, here are the things you should ask about before sealing the deal. Continue reading →

Choosing a Builder for Your New Home

You’ve decided to buy a new home instead of a pre-owned one. You know where your financing will come from and chose Perth as a location. Now, you have to choose builders. What are the factors to consider?

Reputation and Experience. It’s not only about the length of time the builders have been in practice but also the level of satisfaction of their past clients. Recognition from industry authorities is also a good basis. Make sure you do your research on these characteristics by directly asking the prospective builders as well as third-party sources. Client testimonials and industrial reviews are other good sources. Continue reading →

3 Basic Home Building and Design Tips for Couples

When you start planning to build a home with your partner, it could be the most exhilarating time of your lives, but if each of you has very unique tastes or ideas, the excitement can die down. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t prevent discord and misunderstandings. The first home buying experience can still be the best you share with your partner.

Here are some tips on how to avoid or settle arguments over home building and design with your partner: Continue reading →

Important Considerations When Building a New Home

When you’re planning and finalising a big purchase (say, a home), you can’t risk being impulsive. You have to be meticulous in preparing for the commitment, surveying your choices and studying the details of your transaction.

Here are some things worth discussing with your chosen home builders before you push through with the construction of your new home:

The Nitty Gritty

The most basic considerations for a new home are its location, features and price. Since you’re already set on living in Perth, you have to determine the neighbourhood and exactly where in that neighbourhood you want to be situated (perhaps somewhere close to the main roads or to the local school). Continue reading →

Adaptable Housing for the Future

Home designs change as people’s needs evolve. Thanks to adaptable design principles, future modifications to living spaces can be executed as minimally invasive as possible. What serves as the bedroom today, for example, might become the dining area tomorrow.

If you are having your first home built by a leading builder in Perth, it would do you well to know a thing or two about adaptable design. In essence, an adaptable house is designed to accommodate the changing needs of its occupants, making potential renovations easier and more affordable in the future.

The concept of adaptable housing is also outlined in AS 4299-1995, which dictates that homes be age friendly. Spaces must be integrated and allow a smooth, quick change should the need arise. The dining and living rooms, for example, can be integrated into a single space.

Ultimately, adaptable housing boils down to practicality. Think about it: Why buy separate furniture and appliances for the dining and living rooms when you can fuse these spaces with a bit of rearranging? Adaptable housing also enables you to make changes as and when unforeseen circumstances occur. Discuss your current and potential needs with your builder, and learn how you can have a versatile home.

Pre-Designed Homes: Practicality over Originality

Buying a pre-designed house plan may seem like an excuse to spend less money to live in a cookie-cutter home. The truth is, pre-designed homes have distinct advantages over custom-drawn plans for clients and builders in Perth, WA.

The biggest advantage of a pre-designed house plan is the ability to “tour” the house before it is built to ensure everything is to your liking. Clients can immediately see the way the house is laid out and decide if they would like to use the design. With a custom-drawn house plan, there is nothing to show until it has already been drawn and committed to. Continue reading →

Home Building Tips For First-time Homeowners

There are many things that can aggravate you when you’re having a new home built. Being able to engage an experienced building contractor is already half the battle won. Ultimately, however, the final outcome, as all final decisions do, rests with you, the owner. Here are some tips to ensure that your home construction project proceeds with the fewest obstacles possible. Continue reading →