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How Any First Home Builder in Perth Can Reduce Construction Costs

The Australian government’s First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) has helped many citizens acquire their dream homes for significantly lower prices. Still, there are more steps you can take to further drive down the cost of your new home’s construction. If you are a first home builder in Perth, here are some cost-efficient construction tips to follow.

Bedrooms and Baths
The numbers of bedrooms and baths you decide to have in your home will affect its overall price. According to YourHome, a single bedroom costs about $900-$1500 per square metre, while an en suite bath costs $20,000. The best path to take is to consider what your requirements are now and in the near future. Are you planning on staying in this house for the next 20 years and raising a family? Are you looking to move on in the next 5 years?


House and Land in Perth for New Home Construction: What Buyers Can Do

In the current Australian housing market, however, it seems that the number of buyers who prefer newly built homes is growing at a much faster rate than expected. The Housing Industry Association (HIA) reports that for 2013, there were 167,947 new homes built, which is a significant increase from the 151,508 in the previous year. Real estate insiders expect that the 2014 figures for new home construction will have increased by 100 percent in five years.

It’s easy to see why more and more people are embracing newly built homes. A recently constructed home has a contemporary design, state-of-the-art amenities, and is made from the latest in quality building materials. Purchasing house and land in Perth from builders like BuzzHomes even lets buyers have their say on the home’s design and features. With this option, a dream home will be within their reach.

Build Now: Builders in Perth, WA Can Now Have Faster Construction Times

Builders in Perth, WA can now complete their projects and fulfil the dreams of aspiring home owners much quicker than ever, thanks to state reforms. Dubbed the ‘instant start initiative’, these reforms to Western Australia’s building approvals process for single residential housing projects allow registered builders to begin construction “upon lodging a certified permit application while the application was processed by local government,” as reported on Perth Now.
Previously, building approvals that should only take 10 days to be issued took an average of 24 days to be processed. That meant homeowners had to spend an additional 3 weeks’ worth of rent when they could have moved into their new homes much sooner. The instant start initiative help ensure that such cases are a thing of the past.

Buying New Construction Homes from Builders in Perth, WA? Financial Facts

Intrinsically, buying a home already has some risks attached, as part of the “taking the plunge” aspects of home ownership. This is doubled though when you’re buying a lot in a new community, since you will have little idea of what the living conditions will end up looking like, such as neighbours who will set up their home next to you, or building that will rise around you. Make sure to save up enough to adapt to these future changes.

Buying a new house and land in Perth carries with it the benefit of customization options and overall affordability. However, it always pays to know, at the very least, what further expenses you might be getting yourself into, so you can build your budget to meet these needs.