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Creative Solutions for Common Home Design Issues

There will always be a point when you look around your home and feel like there are some things you can improve. It could happen as you move in, or months later when you think your home décor needs a few touch-ups. Here are some common home design issues that you might encounter and some creative solutions to address them:

When it lacks warmth

Do your rooms look too sterile, or do they lack that homey feel? Add warmth through hot colours! Moody blues and rusty hues fit many design schemes, and you can play around with them to enhance the cosiness of your home. Use these and other subdued tones in the fabrics or furnishings you use, especially your window treatments, rugs, and pillow cases. You can also incorporate warm metallic colours like bronze into your kitchen. Continue reading →

Perth First Home Buyers Get $10,000 When You Sign Up for a New Home

“Last month, we offered first home buyers in Perth an amazing deal: If you sign up with us for a house and land package, you need to pay only a meagre 1% deposit and you can get started! Plus, you’ll receive a whopping $10,000 bonus (on top of the First Home Owners Grant) that you can use toward your home.

Due to popular demand, we’re extending the promo this December! So until December 31, 2014, you can sign up for a house and land package and get all the perks mentioned above. Take advantage of this limited deal for Perth first home buyers direct from the established new- home builder, Buzz Homes.”

Your Rent Payments are Going Nowhere Fast

The great Australian dream is to own a house, not rent one. Renting and buying a dwelling both have their advantages and disadvantages. Your long-term goals, unique circumstances, and amount of money you’re willing to spend are factors which determine where you’ll end up living.

Saving up for it

Many believe in saving up while they live in a rented space to eventually get a place of their own. Renting a house for two to three years will definitely be cheaper than owning it for the same period because of the fluctuating interest and add-on rates. Continue reading →

Make Property Dreams Real with the Right Builder

In the past, the big dream for most Australians was to own at least a quarter acre lot with a home fit for a family, and a barbeque area in the yard. Now that dream has evolved, as most desire to own a home, have investment property, and own another home for holiday use.

If you are one of these individuals who aspires to own a handful of residential properties, it is paramount to not only find the best real estate locations possible, but to also work with a designer and builder that will help get the most value out of the property.

Whether it is to be used as a primary residence or is a holiday home, any type of property is a significant investment and it is important to get the build done right the first time. This not only ensures that the initial building investment provides great value in return, but also helps the owner avoid the costs of having to re-do or repair any part of the home.

Having the right builder can help get the most value out a property investment and help avoid unnecessary costs. They also make it easier for you to establish the finances that will be used towards acquiring that second piece of property.