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What to Look For in House and Land Packages

House and land packages are a great way to start with a fresh, new house. It can be intimidating to select from the many types of houses to be built, however, and even more so when you have to consider choosing where to have it built. Here are some pointers to ensure that the three important aspects of a house and land package—estate, lot, and builder—are all to your liking:

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Communicating With Your Home Builder

Your home builder is your partner in creating your dream home. To avoid misunderstandings, mistakes, and nasty surprises along the way, you must maintain good communication with your builder. These tips can help you lay down some strong foundations for communication and keep a good working relationship.

Builder Credibility

Homebuyers should always start by making sure that the company they choose has a good reputation. Check first if the firm operates under a legitimate license and if it carries builder’s insurance. This should help put your mind at ease and establish greater trust between you and the builder. Continue reading →

Considerations to Discuss with Your Home Builder

With the median house price in Perth falling and staying lower than Sydney, Darwin, and Melbourne, several prospective homeowners are starting their shopping for a residential property in Western Australia’s capital city. Suburbs like Ellenbrook, Baldivis, and Canning Vale are among the most popular with sales soaring in these neighbourhoods.

Are you also a first-timer planning to build a new home? Make sure you know what to look for when purchasing house and land. Here are the top considerations to discuss with an established home builder in Perth: Continue reading →

Where Should You Build Your Home?

“Location, location, location,” is a phrase you’ll often hear in the business world. Although it’s obviously not the only ingredient to success, location puts a business in a position to better achieve its goals. However, the phrase isn’t only applicable to the commercial realm—it’s also a necessary element in the real estate industry, especially in the domestic side of things. Success and failure in the residential front can rely heavily on the property’s location.

To help you find the right property development site to build your house on, a visit to your local council’s website can prove extremely fruitful. This will yield important information you’ll need to proceed with your purchase, including:

Infrastructure investment

Infrastructure refers to the basic physical systems in place in the location. This includes systems of communication, sewage, transportation, water, and electricity. Infrastructure is vital to the location’s economic development and prosperity, so confirm that the community you want to move into is making a considerable investment in it. Continue reading →

FAQs about Building Permits

So you’re thinking about building a new home? Congratulations! This must certainly be a very exciting time for you. If you already have a design in mind and you’re ready to go, it’s time to apply for some building permits and think about involving a home builder and building surveyor in your plans.

What is a building permit?

A building permit is a licence that must be obtained from a registered building surveyor to secure permission to proceed with the construction of a building project. Building permits are generally required for new buildings, renovations, demolitions, and alterations, among other things.

What are building permits for?

Building permits ensure that the construction project conforms to council or safety regulations. The enforcement of these standards is carried out to uphold public welfare, safety, and health whatever the type of building project may be.

How much do building permits cost?

Building permit costs depend on the type of project. Considerations that affect building permit cost include size, scale, and complexity of the planned construction. Price may also vary between different councils and surveyors.

Sometimes, planning permits are necessary before you can be issued a building permit. Your builder will know if you need to obtain a planning permit along with your building permit, or if you can go ahead with securing a building permit directly.

Creative Solutions for Common Home Design Issues

There will always be a point when you look around your home and feel like there are some things you can improve. It could happen as you move in, or months later when you think your home décor needs a few touch-ups. Here are some common home design issues that you might encounter and some creative solutions to address them:

When it lacks warmth

Do your rooms look too sterile, or do they lack that homey feel? Add warmth through hot colours! Moody blues and rusty hues fit many design schemes, and you can play around with them to enhance the cosiness of your home. Use these and other subdued tones in the fabrics or furnishings you use, especially your window treatments, rugs, and pillow cases. You can also incorporate warm metallic colours like bronze into your kitchen. Continue reading →

How to Build the Home of Your Dreams

You’ve thought about how your dream home would look like, and are now on the verge of having it built. However, such a process is easier said than done. If you want to build a home that truly suits your needs, then be sure to talk things over with your builder thoroughly.

Although various model homes might appeal to you, they may not necessarily conform to what you have in mind in terms of your preferred lifestyle. A certain home design might seem ideal, but do not overlook how the total cost would amount to in the end. Be sure to pick a design that allows you to stay within your budget and lead the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Continue reading →